Video: Treatment for Fluid on Knees

How to treat fluid on the knee and other knee pain problems

Did you know the pain and inflammation caused by fluid on the knee is just one of many knee issues you can resolve using my natural home remedies? Regardless of your situation, you can get comfort in your knees by relaxing the tension and stress in your nervous system.

It’s natural when your knees hurt, for the leg and joints to tense up. There are simple exercises you can do several times a day that will relieve the tension and pressure and “retrain” your knees to relax. Relaxed knees feel no pain. Soon you will be able to enjoy the kinds of recreation, movement and exercise you enjoyed before your knees started to hurt.

You will find many simple strategies and explanations in my best selling 98-page book, “Stop Your Knee Pain Now”. There is page after page of step by step exercises that strengthen the ligaments and tendons in your knee joint. You will not be learning exercises to strengthen your leg muscles… because there are no muscles in your knees. ☺ This program focuses on the ligaments and tendons that hold your knee together.

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I look forward to helping you and sharing my relief strategies for knee pain. I have developed the leading natural alternative to knee replacement surgery in this country. I love that you are helping yourself out of knee pain, and helping me fulfill my lifetime dream: to eliminate the need for knee replacement surgery.

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